Our ramen is Japanese food

Fermented chicken gulls and kelp

Boiled with thorough temperature control

Ramen soup with gentle taste.


First of all,

Have a taste of ramen soup,

At your preferred timing

Please enjoy with the ingredients included.


Until the last drop of soup

Changes in taste and texture

It is a dish you can enjoy.



It is currently closed irregularly

Sorry to trouble you when you come

Please call 079-278-2317



Hakkou fushiki - sensento -

web site opened


Fermented Ramen

all ¥1,300

Tamari soy sauce Ramen

[Aichi Prefectural,Nakasada Shop]



Re-prepared soy sauce Ramen

[Okamoto Brewery, Hiroshima]



Dark soy sauce Ramen

[Wakayama Prefecture Yuasa Soy Sauce Raw Single Black Bean]



Smoked soy sauce Ramen

[Hyogo Prefecture Suehiro Soy Sauce Purple]



Awaguchi Soy Sauce Ramen

[Hyogo Prefecture Suehiro Soy Sauce Purple]




* * * 




Bean miso Ramen

[Aichi Prefectural,Nakasada Shop]



Tamiso + Sake Ramen

[Naito Miso, Hyogo Prefecture]



Sweet rice cake + sake lees Ramen

[Okayama Prefecture Sword Miso] 



Barley miso + sake lees Ramen

[Ehime Prefecture Ii Shoten]




※Children noodles under 10 years are free of charge




* * * 



Dashi roll egg


half size /¥400

all / ¥600




Steamed Inari


¥ 150 each


chicken sorobo

Boiled Arima

Kyoshiba pickles

Suguki pickles



* * * 



Dinner course


The dinner course by Nobuaki Fushiki is fully reserved.




Store name

Hakkou Fushiki ~Sensento~


68 Honmachi, Himeji City, Hyogo Pref.


Business hours

11:00~ 22:00(Last order 21:30)